Present of Publishing Part 3

Now that we have discussed some of the types of diversity when discussing publishing, it is important to look at what may be aiding in the misrepresentation of gender in the industry. A few to consider are: labels, book covers, and pen names.

    • Chick Lit
      • When it comes to labels, one of the most damaging for female authors is the label of their work as “Chick Lit.”
      • “The term chick lit increasingly makes me feel like I’m being compared to a marshmallow peep just for reading books by and about women.”-Linda Holmes
      • Chick lit became a large hit when books such as Bridget Jones’Diary hit the shelves particularly because of her search for relationships.
      • If the term isn’t going away,then we must redefine it-Erin Enders
  • Book Covers
    • Book covers affect readership
    • Meant to clue a reader into what is on the inside-Andrew Whitehead
    • What does a gendered book cover look like?
      • Does the gendered book cover deceive readers?
    • Book covers that defy the gendered stereotype
      • Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber
      • Maureen Johnson’s Coverflip
  • Pen Names:
    • history of pen names
    • Why use pen names?
      • create enough mystery for readers to look past gender
      • Men reading women/women reading men
        • JK Rowling
      • Romance- Male author’s need for pen names
        • Brindle Chase




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