Despite publishing having a long history, which I have already outlined in a previous post, the present is one of the most important times for the industry and therefore, cannot be limited to one post. Below, I have outlined some of the aspects of today’s society that I believe are impacting the way gender is received including education, industry, and diversity (which will be covered in part 2) as a whole.

    • The books taught in the classroom have the potential to either negate or further promote the gender divide.
    • The gender of professors teaching English and Reading courses at colleges and universities affects the way learners relate to the gender of the authors and the characters they are reading
    • Institute for Women’s Leadership at Rutger’s University faculty diversity study
    • For female students, the lack or limited amount of female professors has a direct effect.
      • “Because of this, teachers must be wary of their subtle communication differences and academic expectations of girls and boys because they can become self-fulfilling biased expectations”(The Why Chromosome).
    • The publishing industry is a business, and therefore, its first job first and foremost is to make money. Therefore, if male authors, editors, businessmen etc are more received by the industry’s audience, the publishing industry is most likely to side with them over their female colleagues.
    • While gender in some cases is expediting women to the forefront, such as in the Romance genre, it can also be a setback.
    • The gender pay gap is a prime example of how gender setbacks are reflected in the industry, and how women are having to fight a harder road to reach success.

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